EGM Minutes

Worplesdon & Burpham EGM

Monday 19 March 2018


Worplesdon Pavilion Attendees: R.Kitt (Chair); A.Simpson; A.Beddall; J.Hopper; H.Black; M.Rogers; P.Grant; Gobi N; M.Newman; M.Lambert 

1) Apologies


2) Purpose of meeting

The purpose of the EGM is to address requirements for management of ground preparation, running the bar and cleaning of the pavilion in light of the changes agreed at the AGM in November.

3) Bar Management Issues

a. Pre-season stocktake would normally be on 29/4. As AS and RK are both away that day they will look to agree with the football club to do it on Monday 30th.

Action: AS

b. Stocking in 2018. After each home game the captain should check what is running low in the bar and email RK that new supplies are needed (incl. Snacks).

Action: Captians

c. Agreed that 2017 pricing should be retained for 2018.

Action: AS

d. Only committee members should serve behind the bar. AS will speak with the Fullers rep to arrange (if possible) a training session for bar staff.

e. Weekly banking. AS will remove money (ex. Float) from the till each Monday. No payments should be made from the till for any reason. Any payments to be made should be routed through AS.

f. Agreed to continue to use the card app. and others should download the app where possible.

g. It was noted that the glass cleaner must be used every time the bar is open and cleaned regularly. It must be left empty at the end of each night.

h. Disposing of empties - to be part of matchday managers tasks.

i. Bar surfaces/drip trays/nozzles to be cleaned when closing bar.

Action: AS

j. AS to provide a document for committee members to sign recognising their legal responsibilities when working behind bar. 

4) Keys

The problem of locking up when those with keys have left was noted. Ideally the key safe should have a set to enable last out to lock up. To be discussed at next committee meeting.

Action: Committee

5) Ground

a. JH reported that the main mower (Lloyds Palladin) is currently away being serviced. Noted that it is needed in early April. JH to contact service company to ensure returned by then.

Action: JH

b. PG agreed to provide training on two dates to members who will work on the pitch; at 6pm on 26 March prior to that evening’s committee meeting and at work party at 10.30am on Sunday 8 April. This will cover operation of equipment and what needs to be done when. As many as possible should be at one or both of these sessions. JH to send notification by email/social media to all members to encourage them to attend.

Action: ALL/PG/JH

c. PG informed the meeting that pitches need to be cut twice a week, plus on the Saturday morning of the match, and that the scarifier should be used prior to cutting to raise the grass. One cut should take place Thursday night and the wicket should be marked at that time. The wicket should be rolled as much as possible, especially in early and pre-season. PG will (at least initially) set each of the three mowers to the right height for their purpose so that users do not need to change height of cut. The Palladin is always the final cut.


d. Noted that all motorised equipment use unleaded petrol.

Action: AS

e. PG agreed to check stocks of materials and advise what is needed.

f. Agreed to have a Ground sub-committee; initial members HB/MN/JH/MR/AB. Assume MR will chair following his volunteering at AGM.

g. AS confirmed that £17k finance and plans are in place for the installation of new ground drainage and other works (including ditch clearing) to commence immediately on end of season.

6) Cleaning

Agreed that the cleaner duties will be for changing rooms, showers and toilets (and sourcing cleaning materials) and that members will do bar area/lounge. kitchen and bin emptying. RK to brief cleaner (Carol Sullivan 07796 144612) 

7) Matchday Manager

Agreed that whenever a game is played there should be a Matchday Manager with a specified list of responsibilities which they should manage to get done (not do themselves). The Captain should appoint a Matchday Manager (on a rota) in a similar way to the organisation of teas. The Matchday Manager should usually be different to the person doing the teas. AB to provide draft list of Matchday Manager responsibilities for agreement.

Action: AB

8) Fundraising

As advised that the Quiz Night raised circa £650

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